Pursuing the Dream Foundation Receives Pledge Fulfillment

First Pledge Installment Fulfilled by The Stop Six Company, Inc.

FORT WORTH, TX, – On Giving Tuesday 2021, The Stop Six Company pledged annual in-kind and monetary grants through 2029, as part of our seven (7) year strategic plan initiative. We are elated to announce that on May 31, 2022, Pursuing the Dream Foundation, received an award from The Stop Six Company, Inc. fulfilling its annual pledge for 2022.

The Stop Six Company is forward thinking on corporate social responsibility and creating platforms to support our communities, and the foundation is pleased to be a recipient of their funds to bring to life our strategic plan.

With this award, the foundation has moved forward with the establishment and funding of the Pursuing the Dream Community Development Corporation. It will act as the official investment agency of the foundation in community projects including but not limited to affordable housing initiatives, small business funding, public/community green space developments and other development-oriented projects and partnerships.

The Foundation continues to work toward our goal of empowering and elevating voices of those in underserved and underrepresented communities. The foundation will also drive the need to provide startup capital to entrepreneurs and small businesses to help drive the creation of jobs with livable wages and sufficient benefits. Our strategic plan seeks ways to provide an economic boost by bypassing bureaucratic hurdles and red tape, providing for our people. We will work and form strategic partnerships with other nonprofits to provide resources such as disaster relief, job fairs, food pantries and other critical and crucial life sustaining resources.

We are excited to continue this journey of partnership with The Stop Six Company, Inc.

About Pursuing the Dream Foundation

The foundation is laser focused on empowering communities through our three pillars of pursuit: scholarship, wellness, and investment. Learn more about the Foundation’s mission by visiting and connect with us on Twitter @PursuingNGO and at

About The Stop Six Company

The Stop Six Company is a multidimensional company in media, entertainment, business consulting, web development and graphic arts. Working with business and individual consumers as trusted advisors. We bring our years of experience to aid in your success. Connect with TSSC at, @StopSixCo & @StopSixCompany