About Our Organization

Pursuing the Dream Foundation is designed to provide avenues and resources of hope through in-kind and monetary charitable contributions to underserved communities. The foundation is laser focused on empowering communities through our three pillars of pursuit: scholarship, whole wellness, and community investment. The foundation is purposed to shine a much-needed light in areas of neglect and fight against the ever-impending threat of gentrification which erodes the history and culture of historic communities. These communities were built that were built from scraps by strong people who preserved against all odds, after being relegated to the perceived ghettos of cities throughout this nation.

Through scholarship, we will provide mentorship, tutorship, and grants for students to continue their pursuit of success whether it be to community colleges, four-year universities, or trade schools. We commit to paving a path to success to every young mind we can; we too will work to support working adults who have a desire to pursue higher education. Dreams never die, we believe it is never too late to acquire new skills and find greater success. The hope for a better life through enhanced skills, should be a realization for all who commit to the opportunity to obtain them.

Through wellness we focus on the total person, physical and mental. Our commitment will be to connect people to resources that advocate for proactive and preventative positive steps to treating mental and physical health matters. The foundation will develop programs and engage in strategic partnerships to dissolve the stigmas attached to the matters of mental health. We will provide forums and resources for those living with depression, addictions, PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health related matters. We will partner with certified medical, physical fitness and nutrition professionals to assist in healthy and clean living. Our team will seek partnerships to connect communities to healthcare services and will seek out specific funding partners for these programs.

Throughout our nation, neglected for generations; these communities have been promised revitalization and redevelopment for years but still have been left out while others who are already ahead. City leaders and state legislators continue to allow the well ahead to run up the score and maintain a commanding lead. Far too often when revitalization and redevelopment arrive, residents are driven out by high taxes and other measures such as eminent domain. Through the foundation’s community investment initiatives, our team will drive and advocate for business and residential development in underserved communities, providing connections to resources.

The foundation will also drive the need to provide startup capital to entrepreneurs and small businesses to help drive the creation of jobs with livable wages and sufficient benefits. Providing an economic boost by bypassing bureaucratic hurdles and red tape; providing for our people. We will work and form strategic partnerships with other nonprofits to provide resources such as disaster relief, job fairs, food pantries and other critical and crucial life sustaining resources. 

The color of skin, one’s place of origin or economic status should never be a determining factor for the decision to unilaterally deny basic human and constitutional rights. This foundation will perpetually strive at every opportunity to ensure that all citizens are treated equally, and the equity of rights and treatment is rightly divided among every citizen.